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Introduction of Afmak.com

For so many years now entrepreneurship has been a battle in Ghana and Africa. The ability to buy and sell across the country and across Africa has been a challenge, mainly because there was no unilateral platform to make it easy for buying and selling to be done across Africa.

When taking a look at America with amazon.com and China with alibaba.com you see a clear distinction of the platform making it extremely easy for buying and selling to be done across the continent of America and Asia.

Good news, the problem has finally been solved in Africa. The solution, afmak.com ( Africa Market ) is a unilateral platform made to promote African made products and services and small scale businesses. Afmak.com will also look into promoting the manufacturing and agriculture industry.

We will need your support to push this project through.
If governments supports this project, it will flourish immensely to the victory of the entire race of Africa. It will be remarkable for every business in Africa to be registered as vendors on afmak.com and put their business, products and services online. It will make it super easy to market, buy and sell to and from anywhere and everywhere.

Governments across Africa will be able to track all the businesses they have supported, and also raise tax and data on all transactions generated from the website. A one stop solution that answers all our problems and makes it super-easy for every African on the continent and in the diaspora to confidently say that this is where you can buy from Africa, this is where my business is and this is where Africa meets the world.

Thank you for your support, thank you for pushing this project through and thank you for reading this article.

We are always ready for your feedback comments and support. From afmak.com we say thank you and God bless you.

Promoting African products and services worldwide 

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